On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors, we would like to extend a big thanks to all of our members and supporters for making 2019 a great success.

We can't wait to see you all in Mansfield for our 2020 Convention. Best of luck as you finish your entries for this year.  Don't forget the President's Challenge for 2020 is "Tails about Tales". 

The OTA is saddened to inform our members that the 3/27/20-3/29/20 Ohio Taxidermy Championships has been canceled by order from Governor DeWine prohibiting gatherings in excess of 100 people.

The Board is evaluating our options to determine if we can reschedule later this summer. There are a lot of details to to work out, as you can imagine. Please give us a little time to address these matters.

Please pass the word along and we'll update you as information becomes available.

Ohio Taxidermists Association


2020 Convention

March 27 - 29, 2020

President's Challenge Winner; Melissa Rice

What you'll gain from an
Ohio Taxidermists Association 
Business skills
     Attending the convention gives you the opportunity to connect with business owners like yourself.
     Discussions from member to member about how they kept they're pheasant waddles so plump or how they went about casting the tiny throat of their raccoon.
     While discussing those techniques, whether you know it or not, you are building new friendships. Stuck in a rut working on a raccoons tongue. Call your new friend who cast his raccoon throat.

"Our association is very family oriented and welcoming in all aspects. During banquet we also offer a kids activities to keep the little ones occupied. Also there's a Junior division, which is ages 16 and under so get your kiddo's attention and get 'em interested! This could be your son/daughter next year!"


- Danielle, One Lucky Shot Taxidermy 

"Our seminars vary from casting a whitetail throat all the way down to recreating the specks on a snapping turtles' eyes." 

-Chip, Frinks Run Taxidermy

      The years and knowledge that our master taxidermists posess, and soon to be you!
     every convention, we host 6-8 seminars where our members are encouraged to attend
     Our seminars are done for you as the members of the OTA, to learn and further your experience in certain areas.

The Ohio Taxidermy Association (OTA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to our supporters and wildlife conservation. We've got the in's and out's of taxidermy down. Spreading our knowledge and experience to those who know "great" isn't enough. Our mission is for your goals to be above and beyond and to excel when others feel there's no more to excel at.


Our competitors have not only received high marks but they have earned them with their two dimensional ideas brought to life. The talent found at our convention shows through the tiniest frost covered mushroom all the way up to a black bears glistening nose. Our detailed seminars are challenging and intriguing, they may try your patience but that's what above and beyond is. You can find these free seminars at our conventions once a year. 

What the

Ohio Taxidermists Association

is all about.


2019 Thank you

A HUGE thank you to all of our members, supporters, vendors and everyone who came out to support our Convention weekend. We had a wide array of seminars and events for our members to attend.

The vendor room was full with some previous vendors and some new. Donations flowed in from vendors to donars outside the convention center. Our auction held whitetail, fish and ducks forms, habitat bases, painting kits, pictures, homemade items, clothing, a beautiful handmade quilt, lots of tannery gift certificates, and last but no least a few taxidermy workshops. 


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